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Community Garage Door Service Phoenix, AZ 602-734-9562We have developed a reputation in Phoenix, AZ for being a garage door repair company that you can depend on for anything. Community Garage Door Service technicians know the standards of our industry and they go out of their way to exceed them. When you need help, they respond quickly and are ready to work right away. When we're a guest at your home our business, our only focus is you. Our service providers listen intently to you describing the problem in order to complete a thorough examination of it. We always consult with you before moving on to the next step.

Perhaps you have a tiny one-car garage or an oversized garage to hold multiple vehicles, tools, and other personal belongings. Our company can appreciate that everyone has different needs and that no two homes in the local vicinity are exactly alike. When you need a new residential garage door, you can choose from among the most popular and attractive models created by the industry's leading manufacturers in and around the Phoenix, AZ.


Weatherstripping offers effective protection from most of the elements that Mother Nature can throw at your garage door. However, it doesn't provide a protective seal against elements such as noise, moisture, high winds, extreme cold, or draftiness. Because of this, the environment inside of your garage can be quite uncomfortable as well as expensive to heat and cool. Professional weatherstripping eliminates these issues so you can be more comfortable and efficient at the same time. Our weatherstripping services insulate your garage from dampness, powerful air currents, and other unpredictable weather patterns. It also offers a barrier against too much noise. Once we install the weatherstripping, you will notice an improvement in your comfort level right away.